First birthday party.

As already mentioned Ali slept through the first part of her party. And it was her third nap that day. She woke really cranky and was so, so unsure of all the people when I brought her down. All the people = Tony and I, George and Martha (Karen and Georgia were at a swim meet and came later), Uncle Jim and Aunt Connie, thier son Todd and his girlfriend Meredith, and Grandma and Grandpa Carroll.

We’d gone the day before to the party store to pick out some decorations. We endedup getting an array of stuff; some "First Birthday," some Elmo/Sesame Street, and some Dora. We got to keep it a surprise because Ali let Karen, and even Georgia, hold her while we shopped. So she was super happy to see the Elmo platesand Dora napkins. She actually took an Elmo plate with her on the flights home and is still playing with it. She likes to fold it in half and then open it like she’s playing peekaboo with Elmo.

Sometime during dinner Ali spotted the presents and wanted nothing else than to be able to get to them. She was obsessed. Finally it was time and everyone headed in to watch. Tony set her down, expecting a beeline to the gifts and….nothing. She got scared and hid behind the rocking chair! Also notice that once she does come into the room she gets scared again and tries to climb on who she thinks is her daddy but is actually her great uncle Jim. It’s kind of shaky because I was laughing.

The next video is her opening her first present and then one of her opening her last, the "bike" Tony got for her. As good as she’d been for the past few days, at the farm, at the mall, everywhere, she wasn’t fully herself at this party.  Not as outgoing, not as friendly, not as funny. So that was kind of sad because it was the only time she saw all of the Carrolls.

Can you tell I was holding the video camera (well, actually Tony’s phone) instead of the camera during the present opening? Then it wastime for cake and ice cream and the unveiling of the final surprise:

The singing basically terrified her.

We have a one-year-old in the house!

Afterward we were supposed to do some sparklers but the mosquitos were out and people were starting to leave so it was brief. Then we came inside and Ali watched her new DVD and played with her new toys. Then it was to bed because we had to be at a memorial in Madrid (thirty minutes away?) at 8:00am the next morning.

A rare picture of Auntie Martha.

Chatting with the lid to her new toy.

The remains.

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  1. I swear, no baby is ever themselves during their first birthday party because they get so overwhelmed by all the people and things going on. But, at least she didn’t have a major meltdown or anything. I can’t believe she’s one! I need to mail her package, but I’ve been too busy for the post office. So, it will be much belated.

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