The first two days.

Okay…I am going to try to get through these as quickly as possible. If you’ve noticed I haven’t uploaded new photos yet, I’m waiting until I’ve had a chance to post about them first, but soon people, soon.

Monday I mostly slept. I fell asleep at, like, noon and didn’t wake up until 4pm. Ali napped with me at the end and I have no idea what else happened during that time. I know Tony did NOT sleep. Then we had dinner, Karen made meatballs which is a favorite of Ali’s. After dinner, about 7pm or so, I went upstairs to put Ali to sleep and…fell asleep again! Slept through the night, clothes and all. Besides getting little sleep the night before I attribute part of this to not having and coffee that day when I usually drink 2-3 cups. Again, I don’t know what went on that night, Tony may fill in some of the blank spots as he stayed up a few more hours.

Tuesday morning we went to watch Martha play a match of tennis for this tournament she was in. She’s really good, especially for someone who hasn’t been playing that long and was going against really competitive girls. Watching made both Tony and I wish we could spend more time playing ourselves. Babysitting, anyone?

I think Tuesday was the hottest day we had, upper eighties maybe? Yes, we were blessed with basically mild weather. It could have been much hotter which would have been a huge shock to our systems. As it was it quickly became apparent that I just don’t have the wardrobe for hot weather. One pair of longerish bermuda shorts doesn’t really suffice. Obviously we live in a place where pants year-round is a definite possibility.

So in the afternoon we went to Hyperion, a country club that the Carrolls (Tony’s dad’s family with whom we were staying) belong to. They have an outdoor pool with this amazing kiddie area. Ali seriously had the time of her life.

She basically has the doggy paddle down already!

All Georgia’s friends gathered around (Georgia is on the left).

Later that evening We were just hanging around in the backyard and Georgia was reading Ali her [Ali’s] favorite book ever. Enter Hallie (pronounced like Ali but with an "H"). Ali and Hallie were so cute together, weary at first but eventually warming up to one another. Ali would go over and pat her, even kiss her on the face! The funniest thing was when either of them was called, both would come because their names sounded so much alike.

Ali hinting to Aunt Georgia.

Sad it’s over.

Moving on to "Aloha is…"

I think Tuesday was also the night we played a modified version of Apples to Apples. Modified in that George, Tony’s dad, was the one and only judge. Anyone who’s played the game knows that the better you know the judge the bigger your advantage. Since I was playing with Tony and Georgia (and later with Georgia’s friend Emma) I started out at a distinct disadvantage but I think I ended up doing pretty well. Something about finishing up the green card brilliant and my laying down lawyers. I’ll let you guess as to George’s occupation.

In the evening we ventured out to Target, a necessity as we were low on diapers. Can’t waste precious luggage space with something you can easily buy, you know. There we also ended up picking some items out for the birthday girl. It’s so funny how a Target can seem so special and full of possibility when you don’thave one near and rarely get to go to one. Tony bought toys and I picked out two outfits. No surprises there, right?

I also think Tuesday was the day that we went to the library to get the pan (yes, you can BORROW mold pans from the library there, how cool is that?) to make Ali’s Elmo cake. This was Tony’s brainchild and you’ll see much more of it later.

The next morning we needed to get up and get going as early as we could manage because we were heading out to the Swalla farm for lunch and an early birthday semi-celebration.

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