The Elmo cake.


This is Ali’s Elmo cake that we MADE. And DECORATED. I know, it turned out pretty good, didn’t it. Before this though, we went to the Jordan Creek mall with Karen, Martha, Georgia, and Martha’s friend. Before that we stopped by Pink Hippo Bows where Ali got a few more "birthday presents." Actually they were probably more for me. Last year Karen bought Ali some tiny, tiny bows at the local farmer’s market (and if you’re an avid reader you probably saw the girl wear them often). We then ordered more from their website. Then, they opened a store and we got to visit. I am loving our purchases. You will perhaps spot these cute bows from now on.

Anyway, we went to the mall and they have a really cool kid’s area. Ali had so much fun and is such a little butterfly/daredevil. She tries to make friends with anyone and everyone. She’s also not afriad to climb up, down, or around anything. It was kind of scary to watch. And older girls (like 3-6) absolutely FLOCK to her. It was so hilarious to watch.

And now, the progression of Elmo! We didn’t leave the mall until pretty late. Ali almost fell asleep while eating in the food court. When we got home Georgia helped Tony and I bake the cake, then Karen came home and the four of us ate ice cream while we waited for it to cool. Then the decorating began. We didn’t finish until 11:30pm or so but it was worth it.

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