Getting there.

First, I would like to say that I truly didnot anticipate the recovery time we, and especially Ali would need from this trip. Geez, we’re still worn out. To the point of feeling almost hungover! And Ali…she took a good nap flying into Portland, slept most of the nearly two hour ride home and went to bed at 5pm! I thought it was just a nap so she was still in her clothes and everything. She woke up once earlyin the morning and laid with/played around me for about an hour before going back to sleep until, like, nine thirty.

Today we have to work on re-training her to sleep in the crib, which she is throwing a big fit about. One of my least favorite things. We also really need to go to thestore as there is no substantial food in the house to speak of, definitely nothing remotely fresh or parishable, but finding the energy or desire to get up and out is proving to be a struggle. Also wondering why I bothered to clean before leaving. Coming home somehow seemed to tear the whole house apart. 

Anyway, backing up:

We left here around 8pm last Sunday. Ali slept in the car. Got to the airport and did long-term parking. Ali woke up and was excited and confused. We took the shuttle and checked our bags and the whole time Ali was so cute talking and smiling and having a great time. We checked two bags and had two backpacks, Ali’s little suitcase, a stuffed diaper bag, and a stroller to carry on. Which, plus Ali, was a LOT to lug through the airport. SO GLAD we ended up vetoing the carseat.

Entertaining herself at the gate.

Mom and Dad.

Ali stayed up and played until we got on the plane and fell asleep just before take-off (about 12:30pm). We flew first to the Minneapolis airport, a little over three hour flight. So we got there just after 5am after the two hour time change. Ali didn’thave a seat and I have to say it is a pain to have a one year old on your lap. And it was exclusively my lap b/c I’m the one she sleeps with and we were desperate to do whatever possible to keep her asleep. I slept a little but with my arm squished between the girl and the armrest my hand kept falling asleep and waking me up. Eventually the sun started to rise (so amazing to see from the sky!) and I just stayed up. I don’t think Tony slept much, if at all.

Over Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes.

Tired eyes.

Landed in Minneapolis and she’s still sleeping.

Ali didn’t wake until we were in the airport. And then she woke very happy and excited. She was seriously so funnywith all her airport wakes. Not at all how she normally wakes up. In Minneapolis we had about an hour to make ourway across their HUGE airport (from gate F to A something). I started to feel a little sick on the first flight (I get motion sick pretty easily) so I took a non-drowsy Bonine at the gate (thanks Alyssa!). Almost immediately, probably because my stomach was empty and I had slept very little, drowsiness set in. 

The flight to Des Moines was on a tiny, tiny plane. It was scary tiny- at least to me. Again, Ali fell asleep before take-off and didn’t wake up until we were in the airport. What a good girl! I also slept through most ofthe short flight. I don’t think Tony did though. He is crazy like that.

We got into Des Moines at about 8:30. Karen and Martha (Tony’s stepmom and sister) picked us up. We didn’t even have to wait at baggage, apparently a benefit of having taken a tiny plane. And then the fun began…

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