Tillamook Dairy Parade.

Today was the much anticipated parade. We left here at ten (Tony had a usabilty for 8-9am this morning and I had to shower so that was as quicky as we got ready). We got there about a half hour early and it was packed! At least downtown where we wanted to be. We were lucky to find a small spot between two groups and I was glad Tony talked me into bringing only a nlabket (versus chairs and a stroller). The parade was an hour and a half! It started at 11am and didn’t get done until 12:30. We were in the sun the whole time and it was bordering on hot (big change for around here).  Even though we all put on sunscreen I was worried. Luckily no one is obviously burned.

After the parade we spent a half hour or so at the grand opening of the Democratic office (once known as the Obama office) even though niether of us are Dems anymore. Then we had to stop at Freddies for some last minute trip items (more SPF, shampoo, deoderant, snacks, etc.). Ali fell asleep in the three or so minutes it took to drive there. And stayed asleep while Tony took her out of the car,carried her throughout the whole store, AND put her back in. That is one thing this child has NEVER done. She was that exhausted. Besides the sun and excitement I blame it on all the parade food (there were Tillamook Cheese Factory samples, candy, otter pops, and even beef sticks!). After that (by now 2pm easily) we went through the Subway drive-thru for lunch. Then she woke up and struggled the 25-30 minutes home. Amazing how much longer the trip is when everyone and their mother is in town.

We hoped to get some time at the beach today but missed low tide by almost an hour. We got down around 4pm and spent an hour mostly lounging. Everyone is tired. Ali would have fallen asleep in her high chair a few minutes ago if I hadn’t actively kept her awake. Now to run around doing this, that, and the other.

Look, honest-to-God pigtails!!!

She loooooooves to suck on ice.

Keeping hydrated.

3 thoughts on “Tillamook Dairy Parade.

  1. Can’t wait to see you guys. It’s been fun catching up on your page. I showed the pics of Ali to Quinton and he said “Who’s that mom?” When I told him Ali he said “She’s gotten really big mom!” See you this weekend.

  2. CASS! Lol, no we are still Barackers. We just re-registered as Independents so are no longer Dems.

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