It’s so nice out…warm even! Alas there is wind, wind, and more wind. The kind that whips the sand up so it hurts when it hits you. So we were all ready for the beach (there was an awesome really low tide at 2pm) and had to turn back. Even the pool in the front of the house it not enjoyable. *sigh* I’ve been looking forward to this heatwave all week.

At least yesterday was nice. And we had the sense to get out and enjoy it versus banking on more nice days to come.

We went to the beach around 11:30am.

This was after swmming in the pools that come out when the tide is low.

In the afternoon we got the pool out and played in the driveway.

And even caught a CLEAR sunset!

Tomorrow morning there is a parade in Tillamook that we are going to. And then an office opening afterward that…maybe? Haven’t confirmed that in a couple days. After that we hope to enjoy some nice weather and then….concetrate on finally getting ready for Iowa! That has been my plan for a week now until I realized there really isn’t much I can do. Except stay as on top of laundry, dishes, and cleaning as I can. Most things need to wait until the day of or before. In our case we are flying out of PDX at 12:30am Monday. We’re planning to leave four hours early (8:30pm Sunday) so that leaves an entire "day of" during which a lot can be done. I just want to leave a house I’m happy to come home to. Besides being packed, rested, and otherwise prepared that is my number one goal.

2 thoughts on “Windy.

  1. Gorgeous pics, guys. I absolutely love the chalk drawings with little Ali-prints strewn through. And I love you guys drawing Elmo for her! Or is that Elmo’s brother Larry again? Bahaha. That cracked me up in the video and I have no idea what it’s even about.

    Anyway, good luck packing! I’m packing two years of my life right now so I can relate to the woes.

    Oh, and PS- I have a huge amount of family in Iowa that I’ve never met. Maybe Tony and I are related!? Tony are you Swedish!? One side of my Swedish fam settled there after moving from Sweden. And we lived there for a long time before moving to Oregon.

    PS- I’m a bit delirious right now. Lo siento.


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