Where is this heat wave?!?! Grrr, it’s cloudy and cooooold right now.

After three one-a-nap-days Ali is now taking a very definite morning nap. Which means probably an afternoon one as well. I’m okay with that, trying to cut down to one has been difficult. Especially when it takes twenty minutes to get anywhere so she always falls asleep. Usually twice (there and back). And there goes nap time. I need a better break than that! And she needs more that 25 or so minutes of sleep a day. Yesterday that’s allshe had between 8am and 7pm. Though I must say it’s nice when she goes down so easy, so early.


Here’s the girl yesterday.

The sunset.

And my arm after having given blood.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday.

  1. Wow, she could not look more like Tony in that first pic! Also- good job giving blood Ash! They do drives here fairly often but I NEVER know about them ’til they’re happening already.

    And lastly, the “1 Year Ago Today” for this entry is pretty precious! Also, seems like yesterday!

  2. Precious except I look like a MAN.
    Bleh, every photo from me being really preggo and just after birth I like don’t even recognize myself. Oh well, at least there was a reason. And I can blame Ali in the years to come…

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