Talking? Talking. Talking!

She speaks! Actually, I think she’s probably been "talking" for a while now. I mean, she began babbling "mum mum mum mum" when she wanted to nurse at, like, three months. So I think I’ve been writing a lot of early words off as babble. Three of her earliest and favorite babbles: Mummum, Dadadadada, and Nigh-nigh.

But, the past week or two things have really progressed. And, if you’re a regular reader, you know this is true in oh so many areas. Is this the way it always goes?!?! It started with a "No"ish sound that sometimes went with the head shake. There’s also some sort of "B" sound she makes that almost always means nursing. I think it’s "Baba" but I forget. The cincher was a "Yesh" is response to questions. Sometimes we can get an "Elm" in reference to you-know-what. And then, two nights ago, out of the blue….


It means block (though since she got so much praise for saying it, it’s now being applied elsewhere. Anyway, see the whole thing transpire for yourself:

6 thoughts on “Talking? Talking. Talking!

  1. And in the light of day I remember more:

    A couple forms of “Did it” and “I did it” (all squished together). Yay (usually pronounced Ayay), A MMMMMMM sound if you ask what sound a cow makes…and I know there’s another good one that I remembered earlier but have since forget. I’ll get back to you.

  2. Haha, so cute! I think BWAP is really good! It’s so clear that she knows what she wants to say, and is trying to figure out how to form it! It’s interesting to think about what sounds kind of sound like other sounds, like the w instead of l and the p instead of ck. It’s logical, you know? She’s so smart! It seems so strange for such a tiny girl to be saying things! …ok I’m done being amazed by the learning process now.

  3. Ah yes, more: “Hi,” now said to us but especially to people she doesn’t know but wants attention from. And “Dat” or sometimes “Wha dat?” Usually accompanied by pointing.

  4. I LOVE these videos! Ali is the “active” reader, dancing around Dad to try and get her hands on that book! The “Bwap” is wonderful, but listen to this video, you can hear her say “I love you” to Tony when he is giving her blocks. I heard it the first time and then again. About halfway through, quick, “Iwuvwu”. There are lots of babies here, over a year old and just starting to point and talk. She’s way ahead!
    That’s my girl!

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