While at my parents Ali learned no-no. Of course she’s been hearing it for quite awhile. And lately she’s been shaking her head, but it was usually when she was happy. And then, she figured it out. In this context:

"Ali do you wanna go see Grandpa?" *fervent head shaking*

Or, if my dad was holding her (which, yes, he was able to do a couple of times) "Wanna go see Grandma?" *again with the head shaking*

It was so hilarious. Now, when she comes across something she knows she’s not supposed to touch she stops and shakes her head. Usually looking for the praise that comes at her acknowledge of it as a "no-no." Usually she moves toward it and then stops for a reminder head shake a couple times before it’s too much and she gives in. But it’s a start.

It’s so amazing to witness her little brain growing in so many way EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Stay tuned for an update on the, now, very present talking.

Oh oh OH!!! I know I never talk about signing very much and that’s because we don’t really work on it a whole lot. But, also while at my parents last week Ali finally started signing "more." Alyssa gets a lot of credit because she was working with her and it somehow seemed to click (hmmm, I’m pretty sure I was the queen of refusing to learn from my parents…maybe it’s genetic?)and then during Trista’s graduation wwe were giving her pretzels and she just started doing it. Since it’s been hit and miss but I think that’s kind of how these things go.

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  1. Yeah, Karlin. Poor Karlin and whatever her issue is. What is it Karl? Do you switch networks a lot or something? Lol, it’s always good for a giggle though, infuriating as it must be.

  2. I do NOT know what it is, because I have cookies turned on. And it’s so weird too because it never happened with the old site… but that shouldn’t have anything to do with it. Also, hilarious because when I saw that it was anonymous, I just left it knowing that you guys would know who it was anyway.

    And right now my computer is freaking out and not letting me enter my name in the bar. WTF. I AM MEANT TO BE THE ANONYMOUS LURKER!

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