Breakfast in bed.

Today Tony not only let me sleep in (until nearly ten!) but brought me breakfast in bed! Though I got up and ate downstairs with Ali. Then we went to Tillamook to see some of these garage sales. It’d been raining earlier but had stopped, though the weather was far from nice. Cloudy, cold, and breezy. Most of the sales were canceled.

So we went to the library and there were two kids there. A little girl a few months older than Ali and her older brother, about three. Omg, Ali was SO CUTE. She loved every minute of playing with these kids. Especially Clark, the older boy. He obviously knew how to entertain his little sister! In the fall they’re going to start back up with toddler story time (16 months and up I think) and Ali will BE A TODDLER. Ok, scary thought, but that is very exciting. She/we can meet other kids. So necessary.

After stopping at the store (after lunch at McDonalds…someone was loving chicken nuggets) we came home and it was partly sunny. It’s very sad how exciting partly sunny is this June.We went for a walk and played at the park and a little "basketball" and then stopped in this new gallery-type shop and talked to the owner for a little bit.

Then, came home and hung out and I made dinner (chicken curry cinnamon stir-fry stuff) and Ali had a bath and went to bed. Last night she was until until past ten! So glad that doesn’t appear to be a trend.

There are a couple videos I’ve been meaning to upload but haven’t gotten around to, but this one has yet to be posted. It’s from about a week ago, just Ali messing around during lunchtime. Kind of a spoiler…in the middle of it she chokes, which any mother knows is totally routine and you know they’re most likely okay but there’s still that moment of panic. And, yeah…it’s on tape:

Edit: I thought this video didn’t have sound so I just re-uploaded it only to find out it’s only really quiet. So turn your volume up. Also, because now I have this too, this video is from the same day, just before lunch. She was being such a chatterbox.

Re-edit: I just realized Tony had his headphones plugged in. Leave your volume alone!

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