Happy Birthday to my Grandma.

She turns seventy today! Also, my cousin Brett is graduating from high school tonight. So congratulations to them both.

  • It been grey, rainy, even windy for the past two days. I can’t handle this weather. In JUNE no less.
  • Tomorrow Tillamook is having a city wide garage sale event and I really want to go. Sure hope the weather permits.
  • Next week we will be spending a few days in the Portland area for TRISTA’s graduation. I can’t believe she’s graduating.
  • I can’t believe it’s been FIVE years since I graduated.
  • I am started to get very excited for Iowa.
  • And kind of nervous. Told Tony I need to start "practice packing."
  • Some photos of our big 11 month old on the potty:

  • And in the bath:

  • And a few days ago when we had a nice one and got to spend time outside:

I few random things I’ve been meaning to post about but kept forgetting. The first was ages ago, but Ali made her first phone call. TO CASS! She loves to play with our phones (has temporarily disabled both of them by getting them wet either by slobber or other means) and one day somehow called Cass who then answered and was quite confused. Also, a few weeks ago Ali not only let someone hold her, but initiated it! This girl about my age, Megan, was in town working with the Obama campaign. She is the oldest of, seven I think? So definite baby experience. She liked Ali a lot and Ali liked her as well. The night our returns came in, May 20th, her and Kevin (also on the campaign) spent the night at our house. The next day at the office Ali once reached out to Megan and then allowed her to hold her for, I dunno, ten(?) seconds. Not long but that’s not the point. Then, again, she crawled over to Megan and let her pick her up. May not sound like a lot but anyone who knows this girl knows it’s pretty momentous.

Two instances that deserved being both mentioned and recalled.

One thought on “Happy Birthday to my Grandma.

  1. yeah That cracked me up!!! I was even calling her name to try and see if she would say anything.. I did get a “eeehhh: sound but that was about it : D

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