Sleeping arrangements.

Since we spent two weeks away from home (we returned at the beginning of April) I have spent all but three nights sleeping on the trundle in Ali’s room. With Ali. The first time we reverted back to our old way was the night of Mother’s Day when Ali was really sick. And then the two nights Billie was here a few weeks ago. Two nights in a row Tony slept on the regular (non-trundle) bed with us, but not last night. He was feeling left out so I told him he was welcome anytime.


On the other…because of the alcove-ness of the trundle with the dresser pulled up next to it the bed is PERFECT for [all]night breastfeeding. The pillows works just right, and the bed is low enough to the floor that I don’t have to worry about Ali falling. If I remember to close the door when I come in (usually between eleven and twelve-thirty) then she can even crawl out in the morning and do whatever while I drift. So, it actually works quite well. And yet, I feel as if this is somehow taking steps backward? I don’t know. Like everything else, there are always pros and cons.

The biting was much, much better today. Thanks for all the advice thus far and do keep it coming! We read in What To Expect the First Year to just say no, calmly and take her off, look her in the face and say it hurts mommy, etc. I usually give her one chance and then take her off on the second time. She nurses without incident a few times today and got "removed" probably three times. Which is easier said than done because then she hangs around me all whiny wanting to be held and if I hold her she digs her face into my chest of lifts up/pulls down my shirt. Ah, the joys of breastfeeding an older baby! Anyway, it’s progress and I am VERY pleased with that.

We really don’t have formula in the budget…

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