Sticking around.

This sickness that is. Ali got warm last night. I didn’t take her temp but gave her meds when she woke up about midnight. Yesterday, as a whole, was quite odd. She/we slept in until 8:30-9am, then she took a long nap (hour to and hour and a half) until noon. Then another nap just after four-thirty…until almost six! I expected her to be up until nine at least but she fell asleep on me at eight. Definitely a sign of something not quite right. This morning she was warm again and temp was 103.2 under the arm. So, 104.2!

When Tony had this he was on-and-off sick for what seemed like EVER. Probably two to three weeks. I sure hope this is the final round. Also, the worst part about so many sick days (coupled with the less-than-stellar weather) is SO much indoor time. I think the last week or so has been spent mainly in the house, venturing out only a handful of times. Stir-crazy is one thing, but the construction is making us (or at least Tony and I) very aware of some violent tendencies. There is a constant urge to punch or throw something and anger/rage boiling very close to the surface. We need a vay-cay from our own home!

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