Not blogging.

I have not been blogging. As you may have noticed. For a variety of reasons.

  • I am currently spending way to much time READING a blog. I’m consumed.
  • Ali is sick again. On the mend I think but that runny nose was struggling her real bad for awhile. She even had her first throw up a couple nights ago. Though it could have been a glorified spit up? I think it was because I had her sleeping kind of upright to drain some of the nasties and she coughed and coughed and then barfed warm stuff all over me. Whatever…I was glad to was at least out of her little airway!
  • I also think she’s teething again. Or still maybe. She been biting me a lot. And the coffee table.
  • I cannot handle the still wintery weather now that it is almost JUNE. It is NOT FAIR that we have had, like, no spring. NW winters are dark, dreary, and tolling enough. Lasting almost two months- or more!- longer than they should is driving me batty.
  • I get headaches everyday. I blame the CONSTANT INCESSANT MIND NUMBING banging and sawing and whatever the f&^$ else next door.
  • Also I have been kind of sick since mother’s day. But off and on. And kind of, which is the worst b/c it’s always there but never a high enough priority to receive enough attention to be remedied. And I keep forgetting to buy 7-up for my upset stomach.
  • I got my hair trimmed on Monday. It needed it so, so, bad and I think I finally found someone I would gladly return to. That hasn’t happened in years and years and it always makes needing a haircut stressful and a big event if you don’t know where to go.
  • Ali is getting too big. I’ve basically began referring to her as a one-year-old in my head so I can get used to the idea that she’s not a baby anymore.
  • We’ve been working on standing but now she refuses and makes her legs go limp. So stubborn! But I’m okay with that, Her timing is alright, plus I’m just NOT READY for a walker.
  • Some pics that never got posted:

  • Ok, I’m off to make the most of the grey and dreary day. Or at least the naptime that Ali has blessed me with!

2 thoughts on “Not blogging.

  1. Ugh, I totally agree with you about the weather. I am so, so tired of not seeing sunshine. Especially with a teaser week of it! Supposedly, next week/this weekend is supposed to be nice…at least here. I’m not counting on it too much, just really, really hoping, because we want to take Shayla to the Rose Festival on Friday.

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