Runny nose.

Ali has a semi-bad runny nose. Thankfully it is runny vs. stuffy. Except when she sleeps I think? Last night and, thus far, tonight there has been a lot of waking up. This is really our first experience with the snot issue. Thankfully it’s the thin clear stuff. But it’s ever-present and, most likely, a sign of something worse to come. Greeeeat.

Girl sure gets a kick out of licking the snot off her lip though. So much so that she was doing so today when she crawled into/feel onto the bottom step (I don’t know, Tony was the one watching – let him explain) and bit her tongue. So bad that she had a whole mouth full of blood for awhile. Kind of scary. Kind of funny? Is that awful?!?! Like, after the fact funny.

Last night Tony went to a movie in Tmooker after Ali went to bed and I spent over an hour on this post I’ve been mulling on for weeks. It got erased. I cried. I hate stuff like that. So now I am holding a grudge against the blog. You’re lucky you have this to read at all.

Eventually I realized it must have been meant to be and resigned to keeping the info to myself. At least for now…

3 thoughts on “Runny nose.

  1. 1) She was doing the snot-lick, paying more attention to the deliciousness than where she was crawling, and crawled into the stairs. She wasn’t going very fast (she’s not dumb, she knew the stairs were there somewhere) but definitely had the “stair – chin – bottom teeth – tongue – top teeth” combo in effect.

    2) I went and saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It was no Raiders and definitely no Last Crusade, but man it was fun to watch. The ending was a bit over the top, but I’d watch the whole thing again in a heartbeat.

    3) “The Post” is coming, and it will be great. Ashley has been ruminating on this one for a long, long time. I was sad to hear that the blog ate it, but I know the next incarnation will only be bigger, better, and more bitter.

    4)The best thing of the past couple days has been working on standing. We know she can do it; the hard part is convincing her that she should want to. The floor is just so much fun, there is very little incentive to stand. She’s getting there, though.

  2. Shayla has had a runny nose, too, for a few days. Hopefully it won’t get to be anything worse…I just find it gross. I hate runny noses and am obsessed with her not being the kid that has crusted on mucus all over her face, lol. Alas, I think I have a sore throat coming on…

  3. P.S. Shayla says thank you for the card/princess cards/crayon. She loves getting packages so much and Ali is now decorating our refrigerator!

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