She seems to be getting so big lately.

We are all still recovering around here. It’s been a busy, crazy, and stressful few weeks. We lost our county by 31 votes. Which is basically 16 undecideds.  While heartbreaking, it is really a victory considering  we are in one of the poorest, whitest counties in the state. Typical Clinton demographics.

Anyway, anyway. We are glad to be taking a little break from all that. So ready for the GD house next door to just be built already. some days I near tears because it’s seems a little too much to take. Bleh.

We’ve been working on summer plans. Trying to figure out schedules to include people here, there and everywhere. It’s going to be a crazy couple months. I think a purchase of airline tickets made be made soon. Even tonight…

Not looking forward to flying with such an active D.

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