Mother’s Day scavenger hunt.

This is about a week belated. So, on Mother’s Day Tony made a scavenger hunt for me. It "began" when Ali turned one of her toys over and I noticed writing on the bottom. This toy is used, we received a bunch from a lady who’s daughter lives next door to the girl who’s name is on all the toys. Kristina. Or some connection about like that. Anyway, there’s writing on the toys anyway and I was pointing out how random it was and weird that I hadn’t noticed it before. And then the hunt began.

When I found all ten my cards I laid them out to solve the riddle on the back. And that led me to….

..the closet! Where I found a tennis racket and then started crying. Why, I am still not sure. Maybe because it was such a great gift but nothing I would have ever thought of. We’re always passing the tennis courts and (since the hunt for entertainment is never ending) lamenting that only Tony has a racket. My racket is pink and brown. Perfect colors. And I don’t have a pic? Weird. I’ll have to take one. Anyway, it was a great, great gift and I FINALLY got to use it today.

It’s not like we cane just go play whenever. The timing has to be right (we’re both free) and then there’s Dot (She has to be sleepy enough to fall asleep in her stroller) and then the weather. Etc. Etc. We had a blast and it was such good exercise. I even though ti was overcast it was very warm and kind of muggy and we STILL got a bit burned.

After Ali woke up we went to the park and she got to play in the grass for awhile. Which is such a rarity out here. She even stood up on her own for a little bit…like 4-5 seconds but it’s the longest she’s done thus far. She was so proud too. What a fun age she’s at!

Now we are about to have some takeout from the Beach Bite (Yay for gift certificates!) and watch last week’s Top Chef. I kept Ali awake through what could have easily been a 5pm nap to she wouldn’t stay up until 9pm or later as she has been doing the past few days. She went down at 7:15…and just awoke!!! Blargh.

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