Afternoon slump.

I am currently in a BLT and sugar induced energy crisis. So, just some pictures with a little explanation. Hope everyone ,in the NW at least, has enjoyed the beautiful, beautiful weather. If not a bit too warm. So weird how this year it all about the extremes. We have been getting out as much as possible (which means less posting!) and Tony and I have the sunburns to prove it.

Thursday night my mom spent the night here on her way to Seaside for a conference and she passed through again yesterday. Yesterday Billie also came down for the weekend so Ali has been very much enjoying catching up with her grandmas.

Oregon’s primary is Tuesday so Tony has been very busy canvassing and working hard to support Obama. Don’t forget to turn in your ballots Oregonians!

This weekend was the Kite Festival in Rockaway. So besides being busy b/c the weather was so nice…well, it was busier. And that’s what all the kites were about. The adorable outfit Ali was wearing yesterday was made by Karen Carroll and Ali got SO many compliments on her adorablness.

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