An organizing stage.

Ali is going through an organizing phase. It began when she started putting all her food in the cup holders on her high chair when she was done eating. And, if I didn’t take her out quick enough, then throwing the food on the floor. Then she discovered putting other items into things. Like, blocks in a bucket. And them taking them out. This is (well, kind of was as this new trait is now a few weeks old) our first glimpse of just how methodical this child can be.

Following this realization was "offering." Her constantly offering us whatever she has; food, toy, random bit picked up off the ground. In this video she is helping to BUILD towers. Which was so huge (it’s kind of old) because not only is she showing to giving skills and the understanding of task at hand but the delayed gratification involved. It’s crazy. She’s getting big (and smart!) so fast.

Today was a regression at first as far as Ali being sick. She was feverish all night but steadily improved throughout the day. She was such a little sleeper though! Slept in until 9am, napped like 11-12, then again from just before 1pm to almost two-thirty. And again at 5pm! And then bed around 8pm. Soooo, I hope she will be raring to go tomorrow. And me too. I can’t tell if I’m a little sick of just kind of following her into the black hole because of the extra care (and milk!) she’s required. We shall see I guess.

6 thoughts on “An organizing stage.

  1. Wow! I love that she understands the building part of being able to knock them down! She’s really good at putting it right on top too. And of course, I love the pure joy of finally being able to knock it down. So cute!

  2. Karlin, you need to turn on cookies or register an account or something. You seem to consistently struggle with the whole ‘Name’ thing.

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