Mother’s Day and more.

 I only have a quick chance at this. Our internet went mysteriously down Saturday and was supposed to be back in 24-48 business hours. Whatever that means…

Yesterday morning I got to sleep in! But, Ali was feverish all night and only got worse throughout the day. We did a little canvassing in the afternoon (that actually turning into quite a walk- like an hour and a half or more) and I don’t think the sun helped. Even though she was doing better then. By nine her temp was 104.7 under her arm and we called the nurses’ line. Found out we’d only been giving her 1/3 the dose of baby tylenol she should get. After that she improved dramatically. Sure wish the doctor had told us when to increase her dosage and by how much. The scariest part was her crazy pant-breathing and these weird full body tremors she kept having that we had to question if they were or were not seizures. 

I sure hope I don’t get sick!

Today we were supposed to be interviewed by a guy from the Oregonian but he cancelled. Bill Clinton is in town, speaking in the Tillamook Cheese Factory parking lot(?) at 12:30 so we’re going to catch that if Ali is still doing alright. Let’s hope our internet is back up soon, as a) that’s how we make our living b) that’s how we keep you all informed and c) oftentimes, it’s the way I stay sane.

Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the amazing moms out there!

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