Clapping, babbling, cruising….oh yeah, and a pickle!

I think this was the day before yesterday. What she is carrying around is what’s left of an ENTIRE pickle Tony gave her to chew on. Which she ate right up. The joys of teething have been titillating us all as of late. If you don’t usually watch the videos, take a few minutes for this one. Ali really is such a doll and TURN YOUR SOUND UP. Because she has a sweet voice too.

7 thoughts on “Clapping, babbling, cruising….oh yeah, and a pickle!

  1. Shayla was all the way across the room, heard Ali “talking” when I started the video and immediately zoomed over to watch her. She was very into it. Lol, and she was very confused about why Ali was “Swiper.”

  2. Um, that Dora book is Ali’s FAVORITE! It’s her new potty book but she barely ever even goes on it anymore b/c she is so distracted by how much she loves it. She can do all the flaps and points to and then kisses Dora on each page. So used to get confused and sometimes kiss the flaps too, but I think she figured it out in the past few days.

    And yes, somehow “Swiper, no swiping” has worked it’s way into our everyday language. And mutated. Like “Choker, no choking,” “Clapper, good clapping,” and pretty much any other action ever. It’s absurd.

    Ah, I love to hear about Shayla. We miss her!
    Happy Mother’s Day lady. TIMES TWO!!!!

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