Ten Months!

Alas, this is two days belated. Which is something I actually stress greatly about and Tony has to tell me this is the last thing I should be worrying about. Which is true. But still….

At the moment they are pouring my concrete next door. Ali is sleeping (how do they always time it like that?). I was downstairs with the water on full blast AND music [here Ali awoke and now three to four hours have passed] and could hear the beeping of backing up trucks above it all through the baby monitor.

So, where was I? Ali was ten months old on Saturday. That same day there was a grand opening party for the Tillamook County Obama office in the afternoon. In the morning Tony was off working so Ali and I were hanging out and we ended up having a "fun bath" and blowing some of the bubbles we’d won at the auction the night before. She was so cute, trying her hardest to eat one and not understanding the concept of popping.

There was an older girl at the party, Fiona, who seriously wanted to eat Ali up. But it was SO Cute. Ali was all kissing her and stuff and pointing and clapping. Good for her to have a positive interaction. She would do so well with an older sibling-type person. We need more Shayla time!!!

Sunday was very nice, but very, VERY windy. Today is too. Sunday though Ali and I went down to the beach for awhile. She wore her snowsuit to stay warm and we hid from the wind in a little nook. She so loves playing in the sand and is getting very creative in her quest to eat as much of it as possible. For example, sprawling face down, spread eagle, mouth open. It’d be funny if I wasn’t her mom trying so hard to teach her NOT to eat sand.

This morning I had to be at the dentist at 8am. Which is about a twenty-five minute drive. Randomly Ali had slept until 9am the two days beforehand (yay!) so I think she’d have slept longer had she not woken when I tried to get up. After getting my root canaled tooth permanently filled and a small cavity on it taken care of I was off to grocery shop…BY MYSELF. How crazy. I think it was two and a half hours of alone, out of the house time. And I was home before 10am. Very nice.

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