Well if you want it put out there.

This last pic is a few days old. But notice the property line marked of by string a few feet from the foundation. And then how far their junk is strewn onto our side. Classy.

Also, we went to that MOPS auction tonight. It was okay. Ali was a doll and Tony won a cool "Girls Summer Fun Set" for four bucks. Afterward we were playing in the nursery with a few other kids and some, like four or five year old girl came up and kicked Ali ON PURPOSE right under her chin. Poor girl didn’t know what to do. And then she howled. And howled.

Hopefully something that won’t stick in her memory. Or ours.

4 thoughts on “Well if you want it put out there.

  1. WHAT?!? What was that little girl’s problem?! I hope her parents were there… that is way too old to be pulling crap like that. Mean! Poor Ali. I would have flipped out on the little girl.

  2. Poor Ali! I don’t know what kids think about sometimes when they do things like that. Like, for instance, when Shayla was standing on the turtle at the play area at the mall and some kid just randomly came up and shoved her off of it…which I would have sort of understood had she wanted to get up there herself…but she totally didn’t! I was so mad, but had to make myself realize that she was like, four. lol.

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