Just Ali. Well, and more.

Being her precocious little self. About a week ago?

Tonight we are going to a MOPS (Mother of Preschoolers) auction in Tillamook tonight. But we need to be at the Obama office at 2:30. I will be glad to escape the incessant noise from next door. yesterday they were there AND LOUD from 8am until nearly 7pm. They dug a, like, ten foot deep hole in the road in front of the house. A few of the walls are up. I’m glad they’re busy but it just kind of makes me feel crazy. Also, twice today I pulled the curtains back to find Mr. Contractor staring at me. The first time I waved… to be friendly and because it was our bedroom window that looks right out where he is working and whatnot. The second I was checking the weather out our front windows and he was standing in the street talking on the phone. The lack of privacy is so off-putting.

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