Snapfish Photo Book.

Tony is a big Coke fan. And he diligently collects reward points. If, by chance, you are also a Coke drinker who doesn’t utilize their points, you should consider sending them our way. Be in touch. Please and thank you.

Anyway, Tony recently earned enough points for a Snapfish Photo Book. He told me a few days beforehand that he was going to be redeeming points for one and I could began making it. I did not anticipate it being so FUN! It was like scrapbooking but without the mess or the commitment. The most time consuming past was uploading masses of pics to and that was mostly because my photos are organized in too many different folders.

Now, the book is done and to be ordered in the next day or so. I wish I could just post it up here but can’t find a way to, so I am providing a link that I hope will work. Originally I was just going to do a scrapbook type thing of Ali from six months on but then it kind of morphed into a book we can use to go through with her and point out who people are so she can learn everyone. We don’t have a lot of pictures up  in our house and getting something visual with extended family has been a goal (though we do have a door with all our Christmas cards taped onto it which has thus far sufficed – Reshma and Georgia are Ali’s favorite to point at). So this book kind of turned into that, but with some space and design restraints. I hope no one feels left out or I didn’t mess up anywhere…I did the best I could!

And without further ado…

2 thoughts on “Snapfish Photo Book.

  1. I LOVE IT totally cute. this will be something that I think she will have around for a very long time

  2. That’s adorable. You did a great job on it! It’s really smooth the way it works too. Snapfish has come a super long way since the last time I used it… like seriously several years ago. Anyway, it looks great!

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