And we’re back.

Gotta make this short and sweet. Ummmmm, we went to Portland late Sunday morning. Randomly a day early as seems to have become our style. Hit up Costco there, picked up our easter pics, had lunch with Nana and Grandpa, got my first root canal (which was supposed to be just a consult!), there proceeded to eat delicious spare ribs my Grandma made for dinner less than thirty minutes later.

Today both Tony and I have cleanings in the afternoon. He is working in town all day today and Ali is napping but the construction is really loud so I don’t know for how long.

Ali riding on a Radio Flyer bike my Grandma had for her.

And eating applesauce last night.

3 thoughts on “And we’re back.

  1. I love the stage where you know they don’t actually mean to make silly faces, but they’re hilarious because it looks like they’re trying to express something anyway.

  2. Ali totally looks like Tony in the second picture down. I love how into that apple sauce she is.

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