Take your daughter to work day.

At least I’m pretty sure it was. There was an extraordinarily young girl in a Fred Meyer uniform at the store today. And the contractor working next door had one of his little girls with him. So, Tony "took" Ali to work for a bit as well. Adorable, I know. Now, somethings that have been running through my mind.

  • Ali’s hair is getting SO long. And it’s such chameleon hair too. Dark still on the ends from birth, with red and gold highlights. I’m so interested to see how it "turns out."

  • The above pics were taken two days ago…on Earth Day. Ali wore her Oregon Zoo t-shirt from Hannah in honor of the event.
  • I think Ali is teething again. A marked increase in drool, and general tendency to gnaw things I thought I’d taught her not to forever ago (like the coffee table) have led me to this conclusion.
  • Last night was LAME.
  • If I wonder why it’s sometimes hard to find the drive and energy to really work out then I probably should take the fact that it’s now been nearly ten months since I got a full night’s sleep into further consideration. Longer if you count pregnancy peeing. Also, I don’t think she’s slept more than four or five consecutive hours since about eight weeks old. That’s a long time.
  • I hate being stuck indoors.
  • For days on end.
  • With a cranky baby.
  • Who is struggling to nap because of construction noise.
  • Yesterday is rained and rained and rained. Through the night and hard all morning. When I looked outside after 7am there was a large puddle. About four hours later we had a backyard lake! Crazy-scary but the rain soon slowed and the water went down quickly.

  • Today we returned home from the store to find cement being poured next door. There were two trucks blocking our entrance but Mr. Contractor was kind enough to have the guys move. I gave him a wave and he gave me a nod. Much appreciated. Still. Loud and obnoxious! I did feel so bad for the poor guy who worked alone almost all day yesterday. In the torrents of rain and 60mph wind gusts. I hope he is appreciated.

April 10th, early on

And later.

Today on the west side.

And the east.

  • I’m glad people (Karlin!) like the one year ago today feature. It makes me wish I’d blogged more and drives me to strive for daily entries in the present.
  • Ali is getting so big! She’s mastering skills on a near daily basis and constantly amazing both of us with her growth in all areas. Lately, she’s become Little Ms. Organizer. More onthat to come in the near future. Well, hopefully…
  • Monday I have a dental consult in Portland. Well, Milwaukie. Here we call anything over the coastal range "Portland." Excited to go "home" even if it’s just for a short period.
  • Trista is spending next week here! But not with us 🙁
  • She’s a counselor for ODS (outdoor school) next week and Twin Rocks Friends Camp literally RIGHT down the street from us. We’re trying to hook up some sort of run-in but it’s tough because they’re not allowed to bring cell phones.
  • I hate gas prices. Hate hate hate. Makes me feel even more stuck. Especially in the relentless cold and rain.

3 thoughts on “Take your daughter to work day.

  1. Yeah, I definitely see Ali having a red tinge in her hair. Very cute!

    Boooo to the construction! Ours is annoying and it’s next door but definitely not RIGHT outside our windows. Ugh. Sympathy for you!

    I can’t believe Trista’s a counselor! Do you remember thinking our counselors were so cool… and so old? Wow. That’s weird to me that they can’t bring cell phones…

  2. I am so ready for spring, too! I’m so tired of all the “teasers” of sunshine, and then driving rain/hail like today. Haha, but at least it makes me not want to go outside. And this week=homework non-stop, so it works out very well for me. 🙂

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