Ali received her first pair of Robeez in utero. At my baby shower (thanks Aunt Pam!). And she never took them off. Metaphorically speaking of course. She’s had a few other pairs of shoes but they never stayed on. So frustrating! And like throwing money down the toilet. Meanwhile she kept wearing her 0-6 month Robeez. Which she especially enjoyed chewing upon and carrying around the house in her mouth, puppy dog style.

Finally we broke down and purchased her a new pair. Even if we couldn’t really afford it (they’re pretty pricey!). The kicker was that her toes were running out of room to the point where we worried they were going to be perma curled. Like some form of Chinese foot binding. Also, without shoes on, her socks won’t stay on and even though it’s spring she just can’t be running around barefoot. Especially with it still snowing and all. Which, btw, it did Monday.

Yesterday the above shoes came in the mail. Fresh and new, with room to grow and style to spare. Considering the last pair lasted nine months of near daily wear, even stretching with Ali while she grew , I’m sure we’ll get more than our money’s worth out of these too. So, Robeez…highly recommended!

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  1. Such cute new little shoes! I don’t even think Shayla wore shoes until she was like eleven months old for the very reason that they would not stay on her feet. I think her first pair was from Payless or something. Perhaps I’ll try these with the next one.

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