Sleep and stuff.

Yesterday was the first time Ali was really affected by the going ons next door. She usually is awake in three hour increments. Awoke from morning nap at eleven (only down thirty minutes), so should have been sleepy again around two, maybe two-thirty. Went down close to three-thirty. The hammering (they’re working on the foundation…or something I’m no expert) was so loud we could hear it through the monitor. And she woke up after like half and hour. PISSED. It was a long night.

There have actually been a few long nights lately. Somehow I’ve spent the last three of them in Ali’s room. I keep meaning to get on top of the whole sleep in you own bed for most of the night thing. Followed by sleeping THROUGH the night. But she wakes and I take her out to nurse and then we’re both asleep.  And she keeps waking before seven. This morning though she randomly feel asleep before I thought she was even tired, like 8:45am. On me. So I just left her like that. It was pouring outside, like really hard, cold, nasty rain. So I just lay on the couch and watched Monday’s episode of Gossip Girl. And that was very nice. It’s like there’s a time and a place for sleeping on top of someone. And 3am ain’t it!

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  1. I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying the “One year ago today” feature. I think it’s so interesting to see how much has changed… and how time flies!

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