Day to day.

With so much going on (or maybe so little?) it’s easy to forget the nitty gritty of blogging about daily life. Or at least posting picture of "everyday." So…..let’s see. Weather has been crazy! Lots of hailstorms and even rain mixed with snow. Even some "sticking" or whatever you call it when you wake in the morning to a layer of frozen hail covering everything.

After a random "sunny" hailstorm yesterday.

Ali is doing well. She’s begun waving….kind of. But it’s something we’ve been working on and waiting for for awhile. She also finally started clapping today! Or something clapping-ish. It’s so funny how kids hit some milestones way ahead, others right on time, and yet there has to be at least a couple they lag on. Still sleeping really well in her crib. Until sometimes between eleven and one that is. Which is probably more my fault then anything because it’s easier to just take her if I’m going to bed or already asleep. Also she still wakes near hourly most night after she goes down. Will she ever sleep through the night?

Also, the last two mornings she’s woken up at six! YUCK and I hope that doesn’t continue. We’ve had a slight cold blow through around here. Why is there something so cute about a little kid with a runny nose? Maybe that only when it’s your own kid? And when it’s just a touch of clearish sheen, not any nasty green gunk. Yech, I’ll gag just thinking about it. Another recent development is some hardcore cruising. It’s kind of scary how quickly (so it seems!) Ali went from wobbly standing to confident climbing. Yes, climbing. She is trying to tackle our stairs but usually only gets just past halfway up (about stair seven) before going back down. Which, is fine with me. I’m glad she know how to get down because I don’t think that is always the case at first. Seriously though, we really need to invest in some baby gates.

Crouching to pick a fallen pacy is no big thing now.

Beyond that I can’t think of much. Tony is really busy. It was nice to have a weekend home. Alone. I really, really, really, want real spring to be here. I know I need to update on next door (Tony has been working on hooking up a web cam actually, if you are wondering what the new box on the right is). Hopefully will get to that soon. I am waiting on getting pictures situated. Basically, at the moment, the whole thing is a huge dirt lot. A portapotty was delivered Friday though, so I’m anticipating a lot of work this upcoming week. Thus far they’ve just been coming for a few hours in the morning and then peacing out. If anyone is there at all…

Ah yes, I did just remember something else. Ali’s new sense of exploration. Which is especially keen in the kitchen and has prompted a couple baby locks, some reorganizing and a whole cupboard and lower drawer designated for her stuff. One is full of all the jars from baby food that we’re keeping, and her cups and stuff and it is emptied out more times a day then I can count. Probably as many as it all gets put back in!

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