Emily Reed.

Last week, Thursday to be exact, our friend Julie (from Off Our Rocker) appeared at our window while Tony and I were watching TV during Ali’s morning nap. She said Don Best (Best Impressions) was digging up a shipwreck and we should go look. Well, we didn’t know who Don Best was, but it turns out he’s our neighbor across the street. He has lived here his whole life. Coincidentally, he grew up in a house where ours is now built.

So, apparently in 1908 a ship named the Emily Reed was sailing from New Zealand to Portland, mistook the Nehalem River for the Columbia, and crashed. People died, etc. Now there are remains on Rockaway’s beach, most of which Mr. Best has seen a number of times. In fact, he said his father and grandfather even took the copper of the remains back in the day. But, this one he was digging up, he had never seen. That’s how bad the erosion has been this winter. Here are some pics. They’re not great, but they show that this was no small piece of boat. Also, I’ve been trying to dig up some info on Emily Reed, to link to at least, but nada. Tony and I couldn’t even quite remember the name (he told me Ellen Page but I said that’s the chick in Juno) so we had to go over to St. Mary’s by the Sea where Don had told us they had a little display up.

2 thoughts on “Emily Reed.

  1. I can’t wait to show the boys. They like nautical stuff (burried treasure, pirates…etc.). If find it cool (1908!) yet it’s also sad (the erosion). Thanks for shraing. Love.

  2. I just looked at Off our Rocker’s myspace… VERY cute I love it. The boat discovery is pretty neat are they going to take it and put in a museum of sorts now?

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