Sunday night we went overnight to Seaside. Billie had rented a timeshare for the weekend but, due to her extensive travel, really needed to weekend at home. Dave and Rachel decided to still come down and stayed Friday and Saturday night. Sunday we headed up after church (really only about 25 minutes from Manzanita, which is about 20 minutes from us) and spent twenty-four hours "getting away." The room was….well, much more than just one room. It was a three bedroom "condo."

This was the view from the balcony. Not surprising, the beach was of little interest to us, as it’s nothing new. What was of interest were the pools! We went swimming three times. Luckily they keep the water very, very warm, because it’s outdoors and, at least while we were there, there was a nasty wind coming off the ocean.


I am writing this from the store across the street from us, which I am "watching" for the day. So Ali and I are chilling at Off Our Rocker. It’s too bad ya’ll are far away or you could come down and visit. Road trip anyone?

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  1. I was telling pete we should road trip it this summer and come see you guys I want to see how our puppies like the ocean lol : D

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