I’m having a girl.

Something I’ve heard TWICE in the last week. It brings back so many memories. And, it’s funny, right after Ali was born I honestly wanted only boys born. If not everywhere, then at least close to us and her. But now she’s older, we are all more secure in who she is. Now I can handle new baby girls. Bring on the PINK!

In honor of the upcoming two girls in Cynthia’s household, a practice run with dear Shayla. Who, btw, is SO smart at two and a half. Just listen:

2 thoughts on “I’m having a girl.

  1. I don’t know if it’s a bug with the site or with You Tube… but about 50% of the time when I click videos on ourlittlekid, the sound doesn’t work. Like, I will watch one video and it’s fine, then I’ll watch the second and no sound. I’m trying to think and I don’t think it ever happens with You Tube videos on any other pages but this one.

  2. hmm, well apparently no one has sound on this video. i’m not really the one in charge of videos, my update schedule wasn’t up to snuff… i’ll look into it though.

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