Eighty degrees. In April. At the beach!

Amazing.  What a beauuuuuutiful day. And we definitely made the most of it. This morning we went on a long walk/hike up to the height of Rockaway. Then we got the mail. On the way we found a planner which we tried to leave at the police station but it wasn’t open. Ah, small towns. We were able to turn it in at the post office because there was a receipt for a PO Box purchase in it. All in all we were out from 9am – 10:45. I was wearing a tank top (well, actually two) and was fine. Warm, even! There was a southern breeze that you could almost describe as warm. It was great.

Then we went to the Obama office we are helping open in Tillamook to clean up for a few hours. It was sunny and warm and there were SO many people. the season has definitely begun. Dot fell asleep on the way home. Nap #2 for her, as she slept most of the way through our walk. So Tony and I sat outside while she slept in the car and ate a snacky late lunch. We put swimsuits on and waited for her wake up so we could go to the beach.

At the beach it was so pleasant. Not even so windy that it feels cold like is so typical. We went in the water a bit. Ali is such a little water baby. Be it bath, pool, ocean, she loves it all. It’s insane. the ocean, of course wasn’t even warm but she wanted so bad to get down and crawl in it. She’d lean over and try to get down and back in it when she was taken away, even though she was shivering.

I saw on the news tonight it reached eighty in Tillamook. That combined with all the time we spent outside and it should be no surprise that Tony and I are a little red. At least we’re good parents and sunscreened Ali all up. Btw, she was exhausted and went to bed before 6:30!

Tomorrow we’re spending the night at WorldMark in Seaside, regretfully  without Billie. Enjoy your weekend!

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