So much.

There is so much to say. Things I haven’t yet gotten around to mentioning. Things that have repeatedly slipped my mind. Things that fell by the wayside when I got interrupted mid-post.

  • Reading. Ali is so in a books stage. Her favorites right now are "Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See?" "Aloha is…" "Elmo’s Guessing Game About Colors," this one Baby Einstein one about a tadpole finding his mommy, and one about the seashore that she’s practically eaten. All of these she will make you read multiple times through and cry whenever they are over. The baby bear one has a bright yellow cover that she recognizes and pulls off the shelf. Also high on the list are her two "potty books." One called "Look Baby" and another, "My Puppy."

  • Pointing. Just a few days ago she began pointing. Now she points at EVERYTHING and it is so cute. It’s also much easier to be able to tell what she wants or to go around naming things off to her and know that we’re on the same page. Also makes the before mentioned activity (reading books) more interactive. Almost immediately she began sticking her finger up her nose. Gag me. I cannot stand nose stuff. Nose noises, nose substances…they all make me gag. Picking and eating?!?!? Barf, barf, barf. I cannot handle it but she thinks it’s pretty funny.
  • The bird. Or birds? A day or few before the lovely construction began (more about that to come, soon and often!) I began hearing a bird pecking in Ali’s room. Well, outside, but I heard it in her room. And it’s continued. And I don’t know how to get it to stop. Pretty sure a nest has been built about seven or so feet from where she sleeps. And we had a nest of baby birds in our house last year. Well, outside. They were LOUD. Maybe the construction will drown it out? Ahahahaha.
  • I turned around in the kitchen today and saw Ali standing at the refrigerator. She’s just getting so big!


  • I’m so ready for some SUNSHINE!             
  • This is such an adorable picture.


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