Childproofing. Again.

Yesterday was a big day around here. First Ali randomly began opening the cupboards. First the one where her bibs are kept, then the one where her snacks are. Hungry much? Then she opened the bottom drawer where her cups and empty baby food containers are. Today we bought some drawer and cupboard locks are Fred Meyer. Ugh, I’ve always hated it when people have those. So obnoxious. And, apparently, so necessary.

Then, Ali started climbing the stairs. And we don’t have a few or even a short flight. There are, I dunno, over a dozen(?) steep stairs that go from upstairs to downstairs. And now she can climb them. Or attempt. Or whatever. Greeeeeaaatttt. Baby gates are now on the list of necessities. Also on that list? A new frikkin’ baby monitor! Or at least an adapter. We left the baby’s room part at Billie’s last week. Though she so graciously overnighted it on Friday, our post office isn’t open on Saturday so we couldn’t pick the package up until Monday. I spent most nights sleeping in Ali’s room. Last night we were so stoked to have our freedom again (really? a baby monitor equals freedom?!?! That’s what we’ve become?) and then Tony pointed out that the wire had been cut in two. Apparently, when opening the envelope, I cut  through the wire as well.  Sigh…

Another night spent upstairs. This time awoken by a tractor that marks the beginning of construction on the new duplex going in next door. Hopefully more of that from Tony later. Maybe we can peer pressure him into blogging! Anyway, now we’re in need of something to remedy this. I think tony found an adapter at Radio Shack for only $13. Pretty good deal, especially considering we got the whole monitor for $8 from Goodwill. But, Radio Shack is twenty minutes away and we were already there once today. So, we’re baby monitorless yet again.

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