We’re back.

It is so, so nice to be home. The drive was gorgeous. Ali did great. I’m so glad I cleaned up a bit before we left. It’s quiet, inside the house and out. I don’t miss living in the city (ok, suburbs). Ali was so cute when we first got back. She totally knew she was home and you could just tell she was more comfortable here. Suddenly she is SUCH a little explorer, crawling from room to room and checking everything out. Trouble, trouble. 

Though we are glad to be back, we did have a wonderful two weeks. Thanks to my parents and Tony’s mom, who each allowed us to invade their homes for a week. Thanks to our siblings who had to put us with a baby coming first in nearly all regards. Thanks to all the friends and family who made an effort to get together with us. There were a lot of good times had and we look forward to doing it again. But NOT TOO SOON.

We did so much stuff that I hope to break the posts us so as to give some events the attention they deserve. Also there are some videos and stuff but those are a pain to upload so they will probably trickle through in the next few weeks. How is the new design for you all? I really hope you are enjoying it as much as we are. Lastly, our baby was nine months old yesterday. I have no words for that…

The snow at Billie’s house.

Ali at Pike’s Place.

And her parents.

At the park.

Playing Nana Kris’ piano.

Checking out the cat food.

Playing outside with Uncle Dave.

Sucking her toe.

Making a mess as usual.

Little Miss Independent.

2 thoughts on “We’re back.

  1. OMG ok I love the pictures but the one with Tony and Ali at the park… at first I thought that her pig tail was Tony’s eyebrow I died it was funny : D

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