Happy Easter!

This will be kept extraordinarily short. Thursday we got here fine. We scored the diapers we needed. Friday we hung out with the girls, who had an extra day off from school. We met with Monica and Eeamon (and they met Ali) over Starbucks at the mall. That night Ali got her first real "owie," she got swiped by Bonnie, our cat who is recovering from an abscess and cranky, across her forehead. Saturday we went down to Salem to celebrate Easter and birthdays with my mom’s side of the family. It was a brunch. Then we went up to Vancouver to have a spaghetti dinner at Cass’s with Pete (her boy), and Cynthia. This morning we went to church (got dressed up but I didn’t take any pictures! Good thing we’re getting ones of Ali tomorrow) and then came home and had a turkey and hung out with Trista and Alyssa, and my dad all day. Ali’s sleep schedule is already shot (he new bedtime is apparently 10:30) but she’s been going down in her pack’n’play pretty easy which is more than I would have even asked for. I’ll edit this tomorrow with pictures. Between a different computer and a new back-end I need more time to do what I want to do. Check back.

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