More teeth and a lame diagnosis.

I just noticed both of Ali’s top teeth poking through a few hours ago. No wonder we have some rough nights a few weeks back. Four teeth all in a row! I’m sad to see her fangs go though. They are just the cutest thing.

Turns out I have an inflamed SI (sacroiliac) joint. For which basically nothing can be done except alternating hot and cold, stretching, and avoiding activities that aggravate. My doc said he would have me do physical therapy if my insurance covered it. I can’t take any pain meds or muscle relaxers because I’m breastfeeding. The best outcome is it starts to resolve itself in about a month(!). If not, the next course of treatment is an injection of cortisone into the joint. I also had some white blood cells in my urine, which is being sent for a culture to see if that’s anything.

I’ve been alternating heat pad and frozen veggies for a few hours and it’s becoming more painful with every turn. Like, it makes me nauseous. So I’ve definitely been a happier camper.

One thought on “More teeth and a lame diagnosis.

  1. Poor woman! I’m pretty sure cortisone injections are what Melissa had to have in her back, which is no fun, but they helped. Hopefully it will heal on its own, though. Although my cold has nothing on your poor back, I hear you when it comes to the meds. As you know, while pregnant, it’s not like you have a gigantic array of cold meds at your feet…so congested and unable to hear I stay. Ahh, the things we do for the children.

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