St. Patty’s.

Bullets again my friends.

  • We are especially exhausted around here today. A number of reasons I’m not energetic enough to go into.
  • I have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon to get my back looked at! I found a lump in it about a month ago that would cause pain if I moved the wrong way. I’m not sure what it is, but imagine just some weird knot. Tony has been telling me to get it looked at and the fact that I’ve been borderline immobile since Thursday has pushed me to go ahead. I sure hope something improves soon.
  • Stressing about the upcoming upheaval. But it’s the little things,like making sure we use all our perishables, do all possible laundry, keep as much clean as we can, clean the house so we can return to some bit of sanity (difficult with the back issue – I cleared the kitchen out to clean the floors Saturday and have yet to feel up to it). Also we’re having a get-together here the sixth…mere days after we return.
  • Did I mention we’re getting pictures taken on Monday? In Portland. Which is a whole other thing to plan ahead, as far as outfits go and keeping them clean while out-of-town.
  • This morning Ali started grinding her teeth. At first I didn’t know what it was and was all digging around in her mouth trying to figure out what she’d gotten her hands on. Then I realized it was nothing. I cannot handle the sound. It makes my teeth hurt and literally raises hair all over my body. *cringe*
  • I miss exercising and I think the lack of it has caused a great deal of my lethargy. Since Thursday I believe I’ve left the house twice: dentist appointment on Friday, and the store on Sunday. Not even walking to get the mail!
  • Ali wore pigtails for the first time today. They were SO ADORABLE. I imagine she will be wearing them much more.

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