So much food, so little time.

Isn’t that kind of how we all feel? Ali has been broadening her foods on an almost hourly basis it seems. Probably the top of her list is strawberries, anything crunchy (Baby Mum-mums, or Gerbers puffed sweet potatos and corn), and bananas. She also eats a lot of grapes, apples, and yams. Today she was loving grapefruit too. Yesterday while I made Tony a sandwich forlucnh Ali tried cheese and a little bit of turkey. She eats pickles and tomatoes pretty regularly. She also tried dry spinach and liked that too. Also, avacado and the other night she was LOVING some frozen berries I was eating with a little cool whip. Not suprisingly she has a very definite sweet tooth. And that brings me to this video of her trying her first bit of brownie. I think this was Wednesday night? Maybe Tuesday…

One thought on “So much food, so little time.

  1. I love your comment in the video, “how can she make such a mess out of a tiny piece?” I wonder the same thing! They encourage us to let babies play with their food but that’s something I struggle with cause they can make SUCH a mess! Cute videos and pictures. Ali is getting big!

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