Caught on tape! And so much more….

First of all, Happy Birthday to my brother Jordan. I can’t believe he is twenty-one years old today! He is marking the occasion this weekend by getting his own place. It will be swanky I’m sure. I’m not sure my family realizes how much they will miss have an in-house tech guy. Congrats Jordan, on a number of milestones!

And now…I finally got Ali pooping on video. Shewas a little offput by the phone (camera) so she was less focused than normal. Warning: There is a turd shot!

I have a ton of posts going simultaneously in my head, so forgive me if I’m slow on a couple things or posting quite a bit.

One thought on “Caught on tape! And so much more….

  1. LOL! Trying so hard! This cracks me up to no end. She is going to DIE when she’s like 12 and starts caring. Hahahaha!

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