Bath time.

Even though she loved baths before, she now loves them even more. Sitting up is huge fun for her. And has moved on to crawling around, trying to stand on the side, and generally just wreaking havoc. I probably spend a good portion of bathtime covering my eyes. Which is why it’s good we take videos!

Also… and I may not supposed to be saying this, but so what I’m too excited. We are working on a huge site redesign with Ms. Karlin Johnson that is going amazingly well and will hopefully be coming to you soon. Please begin using Firefox now!

One thought on “Bath time.

  1. It’s true, she wasn’t supposed to say anything. But Trista tells me Ashley never was a good one for keeping secrets.

    The new site will go live next Monday or Tuesday to coincide with the release of WordPress 2.5.

    And, it will work in Internet Explorer 7, but there really is no excuse to not be using Firefox.

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