I hate hearing my own voice.

Dinner on Friday night. Ali’s first time having juice. Actually, at this point only, she liked it a bit too much! Includes us working on the signing of "more" and a shout out to Shayla, our other favorite little girl. Oh, and Pup-pup. Seriously though, I hate hearing my own voice on recordings. ESPECIALLY the slightly higher pitched baby-talk voice. Gag me.

2 thoughts on “I hate hearing my own voice.

  1. I love how her eyes get big every time she bites into a strawberry! Also, I think that’s so awesome that you guys are doing baby sign language, I totally want to do that with my kids. And lastly, does Tony have an engagement ring on?? I have always thought it’s weird that men don’t wear them. Or I guess, just weird that only women do.

  2. It’s a Baby-daddy ring!

    J/k…I’m not sure exactly what the title of his ring would be. But I guess engagement? mostly he/we just wanted to match so everyone can know we are all taken 🙂

    VERY good eye.

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