Odds and ends.

A few things…

  • Ali now has a sixth tooth! On the bottom to the left of her other two. That means four bottom teeth and her two top fangs. For now anyway.
  • Thank you to Tony’s dad’s family for the package Ali got today. Such cute clothes and sunglasses we are hoping to get her to keep on! Also, for some reason she thinks the duck is very kissable and has been kissing it all day.
  • I finally remembered to look at ponytail holders to find some that might work for Ali at the store today. As you can see, I found some to try. The real question is if they will stand the test of time. Her pony was already sagging and loose after just a few hours tonight.

  • Another video! And the start of a new batch, per se. This one starring the Elmo doll Ali got on her first visit to a toy store last month. This is from….Saturday?

  • The bed and naptime routine has been going amazingly well! Tonight she was asleep within, like, five minutes at 7:45. Which was 6:45 two days ago! Although last night she went down easy, then woke up about 11:45 and didn’t go back to sleep for probably an hour. And that was downstairs in bed with me. So I won’t be counting any chickens before they hatch. Still, it makes me think I could take up a hobby. Or, more realistically, some classes.

2 thoughts on “Odds and ends.

  1. Okay, just so you know……I read your posts….I just don’t comment on each one. I LOVE the bangs! Before I read that post I had I had been thinking about cutting my own. You look soooo good! I l-o-v-e the bangs….I cannot write it enough. They look so cute on you, I want to make my own even more! I had bangs last summer and it’s taken so-o long for them to grow long enough to put them behind my ears I’m scared to cut them again. What do you think I should do…bangs or no?
    Love you and all the wonderful postings!

  2. I think I have those same pony tail holders/mini scrunchies. The ones I have work well in Shayla’s hair except when they stretch out after a few uses and thereby do not hold onto her hair tightly enough. I can’t believe all those teeth!

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