I’ve been really struggling with my hair lately. I have a lot of breakage at the hairline and there was just no way to cover it up. So…..BANGS! I’ve been pondering the idea for awhile, but always think back to the times when I hated them. Especially the growing out process. Also I was skeptical of adding to the time ittakes to make me presentable. I so long for hair that is wash and go. Although I’ve come to realize that will NEVER happen if you don’t like your texture. Anyway, I decided a few months, or even weeks, of actually liking my hair was worth it. Besides, fringe is very trendy at the moment, which means all the followers will have to don a new style once they decide to grow it out. Of course I decide and must have it done NOW. So I do it myself.

Also, her is us on the way out the door tonight. And, another shot of that which pleases me very much. Today anyway…

P.S. Can I just mention how AMAZING it is for Tony and I to have some Dot-free time each night? Even just to eat popcorn and watch old episodes of Wife Swap! LOVING the child asleep in her crib.

One thought on “Bangs.

  1. Um, a) I LOVE your bangs and always thought you looked hot with them. AND I am jealous, because I want my bangs to look like that and THEY NEVER WILL. Everrrrr. So, please understand that I am freaking out and seething with envy right now. b) Shayla loved her little package from Ali. She loved the note the best and carried it around all day with her until she lost it. She also sang, “We just got a letter…wonder who it’s from?” (from Blue’s Clue’s) upon seeing she had something in the mail.

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