Ali eating a lemon slice!

This was at my parents’ house weekend before last.

Last night. Took about half hour to get her to fall asleep. Woke up 30-45 minutes later. Another thirty or so minutes. Woke up again before midnight. Finally took her down with us about one. Then woke up this morning at, like, 6:20! Ugh. But, was very grouchy and tired right after nine so off to the crib she went. Fell asleep in fifteen minutes and has been out for halfan hour. And just awoke!!

Also, found tooth number five this morning. Surprisingly, on the bottom.

One thought on “Ali eating a lemon slice!

  1. Haha, I love her face eating the lemon. My favorite part about it is that she shivers and makes sour faces and continues eating it.

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