Runny nose.

Fever broke yesterday night. After spiking at 103.3 under the arm (add a degree, thanks Katy!) and still climbing but she wouldn’t hold still anymore. Kind of freaked I called my mom, seeing at the timing was awful, 4pm on a Friday. Luckily it was only downhill from there. Though now the little one has a runny nose and that seems to bother her much more. Last night she was crying in her crib (I figured she feels better so why not get back to work) but would stop to, like, lick her snot. So it was….sob, sob, taste, stop, suck, suck, cry, sob. Eventually I just took her out and she slept with us again. Besides the runny nose she’s being so weird, crying if either parents leaves the room and switching who she wants to be with. I sure hope she feels better soon! Especially because we’re having people over on Sunday and there’s a lot ofwork to be done.

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