Ali has a fever. I think she had one most of yesterday…she felt kinda warm…but, except for a having unusually long naps (yes!) she acted fine. Then she woke up after 6pm hot. Taking her temp under her arm it read 101.4 so we gave her tylenol and it brought it down. She still seemed okay but her temp maintained just under 100. Though, I must say, I don’t really trust themometers. Anyway…

Woke with a fever. Called the doc but they aren’t in the cilinc across the street today. Decided against going to t-mook as long as she acts fine and the meds help. Today she’s more struggly, super clingy and really wanting to nurse. So, we’ll see. It’s so sad to watch your kid be sick! 

One thought on “Fever.

  1. It is a yucky, helpless feeling to see your kid sick.
    Not sure if you know……. when you take an under arm temp. you add a whole degree.
    I’m sorry she’s sick 🙁 I just said a prayer right now! Hope she feels better AND that you stay healthy! LOVE!

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