Progress all around.

Though a little cloudy today and yesterday, the weather here has been gorgeous. Tuesday I spotted flowers blooming out front and plucked one up to put behind Ali’s ear. The niceness has allowed use of Ali’s new stroller which she seems to really enjoy. Also….BIG NEWS! The least two nights Tiny has fallen asleep in her crib! Stop and take a sec to listen to celestial cheering.

The frist night, Tuesday, I spent two hours in there with her. At first, about quarter after eight, we started on the trundle but she’s been increasingly just clinging to me, which defeats the purpose. She she was sobbing anyway and I decided to just stick her in her crib. Which, she totally surprised me by being okay with. She played for a loooooong time, so joyed atbeing able to pull herself up and then trying over and over again to figure out the get down part. I sat on the stool next to her bed until I was too tired and then I sat on the floor. Even after she was too tired to keep her eyes open she kept climbing up, until she fell asleep standing. Whenever I’d lay her down she’s scream (I think more b/c she though I was picking her up) but finally she had no fight left and fell asleep. It was 10:20pm.

She woke less than an hour later and wouldn’t got back to sleep so her and I slept on her trundle (for the second night in a row). Last night she feel asleep faster, woke up again about an hour later, but this time I was able to get her back to sleep w/o picking her up. That was probably nine-thirty? She slept until 12:45am! It was amazing. Tony and I went to bed at ten we were both so tired. Ahhhhh. I can only hope this trend continues. When she woke up I just picked her up and took her down with us though. I’d promised Tony we wouldn’t abandon him again and had no clarity of mind to deal with it.

Other progress. On the potty! Again, a poop this morning. And she loves it! She’s happy to get on, begins to push right away, doesn’t want off until she’s done and then makes it very clear once she is. This can only be good. Also today we’re beginning the implmentation of baby sign language, beginning with signs for "milk," "more," "toilet," and "eat." Will update on how that goes.

Also yesterday. Tony and I gave blood. His first time ever, my first since high school. Let’s just say he struggled a bit, but we are so proud of Father Bear! He even managed to talk about a future business deal before the color returned to his face. Ali, also, was amazingly good. She sat on my lap the whole time, didn’t even grab at my arm or anything. The blood drive was at the Lions Club right across the streetso there were a lot of older people there that really enjoyed Ali’s presence. a few even came up and thanked me for bringing her. As if we had a choice!

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